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It has been an exciting year with a variety of interesting topics, such as:

  • Re-activation and special survey of a pipe-lay vessel after 2 year lay-up

  • A small feasibility study for tidal energy

  • Providing project management for hyperbaric pipeline repairs

  • Defining and implementing a planned maintenance system

At times, it is difficult to explain what Orange Delta provides. We are not specialists in just one discipline. Our expertise is best described as manage the “big picture”. We provide engineered solutions and integrate the various specialist disciplines. We manage the scope-time-cost as a project, assuring the desired quality is maintained. Site / Fabrication management or Surveys and Audits are part of the suite of services as well.

Struggling with something which is of a multidiscipline nature? Give us a call and we can have a discussion to understand if Orange Delta can help providing a solution for your challenges.

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What do you Need?
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