TECHNICAL SUPERINTENDENT: Owner Representative / Technical Superintendent for vessel Dry Docking

On behalf of our client, Orange Delta supervised the dry-docking fo their vessel in Singapore.

Scope of work:

  • Scope of Work review
  • Kick off meeting at the yard
  • Hull Inspection
  • Interface with the IMS surveyor
  • Interface with Class (Lloyd’s)
  • Progress and Issue reporting
  • Inspection of annual surveyable items

CLIENT REPRESENTATION: Load Out / Mobilization Batam

Our specialists in surrounding countries from Singapore support with load outs and mobilizations on behalf of our clients.

Scope of work:

  • Understanding the client requirements
  • Subcontractor assessment (audit)
  • Quality inspections on welding and rigging
  • Deck layout verification
  • Load out / Mobilization Supervision
  • Progress reporting
  • Risk management
  • Close out

CLIENT REPRESENTATION: Quality assurance / inspections fabrication in China

Our expert specialists provide client QA/QC assurance during the fabrication in various countries in Asia. We currently have inspectors in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Especially with current travel restrictions we can prevent delays in your projects and provide the expertise that is required.

Scope of work:

  • Understanding the client requirements
  • Subcontractor assessment (audit)
  • Quality inspections
  • Progress reporting
  • Risk management
  • Close out
Hydraulic Cylinder Inspection


FPSO HYSPAN flex joint overhaul in Singapore where Orange Delta provided the expertise and acted as client representative for the overhaul of a HYSPAN flex joint critical to departure of the FPSO from the yard.

Scope of work:

  • Understanding the refurbishment requirements
  • Write removal procedure and lift plans
  • Facilitate HIRA meeting at the yard
  • Support on site for removal scope
  • Provide a suitable workshop for overhaul
  • Arrange logistics
  • Write an overhaul method statement
  • Execute the overhaul
  • Write a test protocol
  • Facilitate pressure testing
  • Write an installation method statement
  • Supervise the re-installation
  • Write a maintenance and inspection instruction
  • Close out
  • Progress reporting
  • Risk Management
HYSPAN refurbishment

CLIENT REPRESENTATION and TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Critical Equipment Refurbishment (FPSO swivel)

FPSO TURRET overhaul in Singapore where Orange Delta provided the expertise and acted as client representative for the overhaul of the auxiliary swivel.

Scope of work:

  • Understanding the refurbishment requirements
  • Manage the local subcontractors
  • Review the work plans and refurbishment methods
  • Witness each step during the refurbishment
  • Assembly of the Swivel
  • Re-installation
  • Progress reporting
  • Risk Management
FPSO Swivel

CONSULTANCY and INSPECTION: Vessel project suitability survey and Condition Assessment 

Vessel inspection on behalf of an EPCI contractor for an  offshore construction project. Having the expertise in vessel management and in construction projects we are able to effectively support in the following areas.

Scope of work:

  • Understanding the project specific operation requirements
  • Assessment of DP capabilities and project requirements
  • Deck crane inspections and project suitability
  • ROV capability assessment and readiness (IMCA R006)
  • Verification of vessel ancillaries and main power generation plant
Suitability survey


Local project management on behalf of our Client inclusive Project Engineering (scope partly completed due to change in vessel selection).

Scope of work:

  • Client representative / Local Project Management
  • Sea fastening Design / Lashing Plans
  • MWS review / Approval
  • Local Supplies (steel fabrication and Rigging)
  • Mobilization Plan
  • Logistics Plan

PROJECT ENGINEERING: Pipelay Malaysia – Installation Engineering

Project Installation Engineering support for an offshore pipelay project in Malaysia.

Scope of Work:

  • Installation method statement
  • Installation analysis assessment
  • Installation Pipelay Procedures
  • MTO
  • RFQ
  • Offshore Project Engineering support
  • Close out
Offshore Construction

CONSULTANCY: Pipe Lay Stinger Design

Scope of Work:

  • Kick off meeting
  • Preliminary listing of design deliverables
  • Preliminary Design and Fabrication scheduling
  • Preliminary Cost Estimation for Design and Fabrication
  • Basis of Design
  • Functional Description and Design Specifications
  • Feasibility study of vessels
  • RFQ for detail design, evaluation of proposals
  • Project termination due to alternative method / vessel availability


Mobilization of a Subsea Jet Trencher for offshore wind farms in Taiwan. Mobilization location: Singapore

Scope of work:

  • Client representative
  • Equipment Refurbishment Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • HSE assurance
  • Daily Progress Reporting
  • Due diligence
  • Load out
  • Hook up and Testing
Jet Trencher Mob

INSPECTION: Pipe Lay Vessel Inspection (readiness and suitability)

Scope of Work:

  • Kick off meeting, discuss project requirements
  • Inspection Preparation / Prepare Check List
  • Two day inspection of hull and machinery condition, certification, crew competency, vessel project suitability
  • Reporting and Recommendations
Pipelay Vessel Inspection

SITE / CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Construction Vessel Upgrade (A&R capacity J-Lay system) Spain

On site (on board) alongside vessel equipment upgrade. The scope included the site management of relevant subcontractors for the upgrade of an existing J-Lay tower including all the structural modifications and NDT requirements. Location: Spain

Scope of work:

  • Site Management / Supervision
  • Progress reporting to Contractor and Client
  • Client daily meetings
  • Address areas of concern and mitigations (Risk Management
  • HSEQ assurance

PROJECT ENGINEERING: Offshore Construction – Transport and Installation (T&I)

Mobilization supporting services such as site management, engineering, design, fabrication, procurements, and logistic support. Singapore

Scope of work:

  • Engineering and deck layout plans
  • Lashing and securing plan, including the analysis
  • Arrangement, coordination for MWS for sailaway
  • Receipt of equipment and installation onboard the vessel
  • Sourcing/ procurement management of consumables and services for the mobilization and offshore campaign of the project.
Heavy Lift

CONSULTANCY: Salvage Consultancy

Having design and operational knowledge of this specific pipelay vessel, Orange Delta was consulted to support with the valuation of the asset and potential refurbishment cost.

Scope of work:

  • Assess current asset condition 
  • Support the SCR with removing hazardous materials
  • Scope and Cost estimation for complete asset refurbishment


Mobilization of an SPRT (subsea soil plug removal) tool for offshore wind farms in Taiwan. Mobilization location: Singapore

Scope of work:

  • Client representative
  • Subcontractor Management
  • HSE compliance
  • Daily Progress Reporting
  • Due diligence


Providing Project Management and OWNER’s engineering for a project in Indonesia, Transport and Installation (T&I) plus WROV and SAT diving services.

Scope of work:

  • Contract Review
  • Project Management / Contract Management
  • Mobilization Management Singapore
  • Project Engineering
  • Demobilization
  • Close out

CONSULTANCY: Setting up Planned Maintenance Systems

Planned Maintenance System implementation Singapore / Netherlands

Scope of work:

  • Assess company requirements
  • Review and assess which software is best suited
  • Develop company procedures for PM
  • Define equipment breakdown structure
  • Define Planned Maintenance tasks and responsibilities
  • Define user and user groups
  • Set up inventory management
  • Implementation and roll out
  • Develop training guides
  • Provide Training
  • Support and Troubleshooting 

PROJECT MANAGEMENT and PROJECT ENGINEERING: Offshore Construction – Pipeline Repair

Project Management on behalf of our Client for a hyperbaric pipeline repair project – Netherlands / Singapore / Batam / Japan.

Scope of work:

  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Client interface in Singapore
  • Engineering deliverables 
  • SCM (RFQ and logistics)
  • Habitat Fabrication Management Singapore
  • Mobilization of Equipment and Hook-Up in Batam
  • Local Site Management Tokyo
  • Crew Mobilization Japan
  • Project Offshore Execution
  • Demobilization of Crew and Equipment
  • Project Close out

CONSULTANCY: Feasibility Study for Electrification of a local Ferry

Feasibility Study for Electrification of a local Ferry. This ferry is propelled by a diesel engine and the client required a technical / commercial feasibility study for the conversion of the ferry and charging by solar PV panels at either side of the bank.

Scope of work:

  • Basic calculations for required drive power
  • Evaluate existing propulsion versus electrical propulsion
  • Evaluate market / supplier options
  • Optimize electrical batteries and e-motor
  • Final feasibility reporting

CONSULTANCY: Feasibility for Local Fabrication

Feasibility study for the the options to locally fabricate a tidal energy platform and execute the installation of the unit, the anchors and the power export cable with local contractors.

Scope of work:

  • Set out plan to deliver all elements of this scope of work
  • Identify suitable yards and facilities (cranage etc.) including costs to enable re-assembly of the tidal energy unit, ready for deployment in Philippines
  • Obtain quotations for local fabrication of additional units ready for deployment
  • Undertake an analysis of costs and facilities at various sites in South-East Asia to enable a review of options for fabrication/assembly versus additional logistics costs to deployment site
  • Identify marine contractors capable of installing the offshore balance of plant (anchors, subsea cables etc.) and the tidal energy unit (to include any towing from location of assembly) and obtain indicative costs

TECHNICAL SUPERINTENDENT: Pipelay Vessel Re-Activation from Cold Stack

DP2 pipelay vessel re-activation and operational support for an offshore pipe lay project. Singapore / Indonesia / Malaysia /  Ghana.

Scope of work:

  • Overall project management for vessel activation
  • Vessel and equipment condition assessment
  • Define scope of work and liaise with equipment suppliers for activation strategy
  • Prepare dry docking specification and class special survey
  • Define all activities and resource plan
  • Prepare the overall schedule
  • Define the overall budget, obtain budget and cashflow plan approval
  • Acquire project team support and recruitment of vessel crew
  • Process purchase orders for service engineers, spares & consumables
  • Direct and manage the work, initial activation alongside, dry docking, alongside system testing & commissioning, FMEA and sea trials
  • Operational support during project pipelay in Ghana
Centurion Inspection

SITE SURVEY: On site survey for Renewable Energy (feasibility)

Site assessment and study for implementation of renewable energy (tidal energy) and energy optimization – Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Scope of work:

  • Site visit, assessment of existing electrical installation (consumers and generators)
  • Study recently installed solar plant
  • Study existing compressed air storage system
  • Assess locations for potential deployment of tidal energy systems
  • Conduct diving for seabed survey
  • Conduct current / flow measurements using an ADCP
  • Review local supply chain and logistics
  • Prepare reporting and close out meeting with recommendations for future steps
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