Orange Delta provides site survey services or inspections depending on the project specific requirements. A site survey or inspection can be related to the following (but is not limited to):

  • Fabrication Facilities
  • Workshop Suitability
  • Heavy Load Out / Mobilisation Suitability
  • Berthing or Docking Suitability
  • Renewable Energy Sites:
    • Floating Solar
    • Wave Energy
    • Tidal Energy
  • Solar Intensity
  • Current/Flow Survey (ADCP)

Orange Delta provided Drone survey services in past projects, where the main objective was:

  • Media (pictures and movies), post processing for commercial use
  • Condition Inspection (i.e. corrosion or structural integrity)
  • Dimensional Geographic Survey / GeoMapping (accuracy only suitable for raw planning)

Our drone is officially registered with Singapore CAAS, as per regulations. For site specific drone surveys (in Singapore) specific permits may need to be applied for in advance.

Geo Mapping

Why would you engage Orange Delta for Site Survey?

  • Innovative way of survey that provides quick and reliable results

  • In-depth assessment coming from multidiscipline experts’ point of view

  • Access to a resourceful team that is experienced in managing small and large complex projects

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