Orange Delta has a team of experienced professionals that are qualified and experienced to be your Site or Client Representative for your marine & offshore construction projects or equipment fabrication and testing. Our past experience is owner representation during veesel new build, conversion activities, re-activation, dry-docking and variety of offshore projects. With a pro-active approach we help resolve any technical or operational issue assuring the project can proceed within the boundaries of budget, time and scope. 

As a client representative we are adapting your Management System and processes and apply them for:

  • Health and safety

  • Rules and regulations compliance

  • Risk Management Process

  • Management of Change

  • Planning and schedule monitoring

  • System and procedural assurance

  • Quality assurance and control

  • Day to day operations

  • Contractual requirement fulfilment

  • Reporting on work progress, lessons learned and any useful recommendation

  • Incident investigation and reporting

You can find more examples of what we for our client at our track record page

Team Specialist

Why would you be outsourcing Site or Client Representative from Orange Delta?

  • Cost Saving: Orange Delta has a team in Singapore as well as a network of professionals in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China and will be able to provide a high level of competency agains competitive rates.

  • Competency: Our representatives have worked for many different EPCI and were exposed to both the onshore preparation as well as offshore execution phase. Their education, experience and exposure makes them competent in their field of expertise

  • Mulit-Discpline: Due to the broad range of background within the team, we are able to provide an equal amount of expertise to our clients. This is of the essence when certain project scope expands unexpectedly.
  • Agile: Our core team is right sized for small and large projects. We are able to quickly scale up the core team from within our network of freelancers.
  • Local: We are a Singapore based company but our team and network are multi-cultural. This enables us to understand the different approaches that might be required for a particular project. We know the rules and regulations and our team members are able to communicate in English, Dutch, German, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia.

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