• Orange Delta has a well established and reliable network of suppliers within and beyond the ASEAN region. With a collaborative approach, we work with our network in achieving excellence and expertise in our project delivery to our client.
    Interface management ensures that all requirements by our clients are fulfilled in quality, within budget and delivered on schedule.
    The following services (but not limited to) will be ensured by Orange Delta in the management of outsourced work scopes:
  • Quality delivery of product and services
  • Efficiency in schedule to meet the needs of our Clients
  • Cost efficiency and long-term savings
  • High regards to the Health, Safety and Environment during the delivery of the work

Orange Delta is able to support in the following areas based on our current existing network, these include (but not limited to):

  • Design engineering analysis
  • Installation engineering analysis
  • Fabrication
  • Vessel audits and inspection by 3rd party surveyors
  • Provision of competent construction personnel
  • Technical specialists scopes
  • Logistics management

Why would you trust Orange Delta in outsourcing and managing your packages?

Trusting Orange Delta in managing the outsourced package will enable you to have:

  • A dip into Orange Delta’s existing network that has been established and defined over the years.
  • Access to a focused team that is not distracted by other activities or objectives your company may have.
  • Ease in mind that your needs will be managed by a multi-discipline team with an objective view on your contract, scope, budget and time.
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