Orange Delta provides inspection services for equipment and vessels. Our team is experienced in both the technical as well as the operational side. Quite common inspections are, but not limited to:

  • Condition Survey

  • Pre-hire or On-hire Inspection / Survey

  • Off Hire Inspection

  • Pre-purchase Inspection

  • Vessel Suitability Survey

  • Specific mission equipment

Centurion Inspection
Vessel and Crane inspection

We focus our inspection not only on the condition of the vessel / equipment but also its capability to perform the following type of work safely:

  • Conventional substructure: Jacket, piles, conductors, etc

  • Conventional Topside: Lifting & float-over

  • Subsea Pipeline: pipe lay, shore-pull, tie-in, etc

  • Subsea production system: wellheads, subsea structures, tie-in system

  • Subsea umbilical and cables

  • Subsea dredging/ trenching and seabed stabilisation

  • Offshore / Subsea Decommissioning

For vessels in particular, our focus during the inspection will be mainly on:

  • DP Capability

  • Project Workability

  • Project Suitability

  • Vessel stability

  • Structural support arrangements

  • Vessel Station keeping systems

  • Vessel Deck Utilities

  • Maritime Safety requirements

  • Communication & Navigation systems (including command and control)

  • Survey and Positioning System

  • Crane Capacity, features and Limitations

  • Specific Equipment Capacity e.g. Tensioner, Stinger, A-Frames, etc.

DP Pipelay
Special Structures

Why would you be outsourcing your inspections to Orange Delta?

Outsourcing your inspections (and perhaps other tasks such as engineering, procurement, logistics) to Orange Delta enables you to have access to a team of independent expertswhom have a track record both technically and operationally

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