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To most of its South-east Asian neighbors, Singapore’s electricity grid provides by far the most reliable power to every household, and secure supply to industries that keep the economy growing. Blackouts on any scale are almost non-existent, which is not so common for many other parts in the region.

Chronic power shortages and blackouts affect some of the region’s most populous nations, hampering economic growth. Additionally, the lack of a reliable infrastructure for transport of electricity to the more remote and relatively less populated area’s is a growing challenge. As a result, these areas’ rely on electricity mostly generated by costly and polluting fossil fuel generators, powering not only the homes, but also the industry, waste water treatment plants and fresh water production facilities.

According to the UN climate Change Secretariat, 65% of the (global) growth in energy consumption is going to come from South-east Asia in the next two decades.

Orange Delta provides expertise and work with partners to advise how to harvest renewable energy from tidal currents, which are present in a wide range of areas in South East Asia.currents

The energy from tidal current is extremely reliable and predictable, making it a technically and economically viable alternative (or addition) to solar and wind energy.

Generated tidal power can be connected to an off-grid power plant, or an integrated solution can be developed with solar, wind or hybrid power generation plants. Alternatively, the tidal energy can be directly utilised for power peak independent processes, such as fresh water generation- or waste water treatment plants.

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