Who are we:

Managing Director and Project Manager

Hugo has over 20 years experience in the marine and offshore construction industry, having worked for major EPCI companies being part of small and large project teams. He’s been involved in the offshore installation, vessel new builds and upgrades, dry docking and re-activation projects. Based on his experience and network Hugo founded Orange Delta Pte Ltd in 2015 to provide multi-discipline support and deliver projects with excellence and expertise to the clients in the offshore energy industry. In order to be able to deliver projects professionally, Hugo obtained his PMP-PMI® certification in 2018.

Project Manager

Anwar has over 14 years of experience in marine and offshore installation projects for the oil and gas industry, before he became a solid Project Manager. He has been involved in various offshore construction activities such as pipelay, shorepull, above water riser/ spool tie-in, offshore heavy lifting of jackets, topsides, floatover operations and the associated activities. For Orange Delta Anwar is responsible for project delivery as well as engineering related activities.

Project Manager / Technical Manager

Max has over 11 years of international experience in the offshore energy construction sector in various roles of project engineer, technical superintendent and project manager. He is experienced with offshore construction vessels and equipment and the technical / operational requirements. In addition, he has been involved with the engineering and management of offshore transport and installation projects.

Business Development Director and Project Manager

Patrick has over 20 years of experience in the marine and offshore energy projects in international companies. He has extensive experience with hydraulic cylinders, swivels, and other hydraulic appliance, with roles in project management and technical sales, contract negotiation, business development and integration projects. Patrick is now the Co-Owner of Orange Delta Equipment Pte Ltd, an Orange Delta Pte Ltd subsidiary which specialises in business development and sales representation for European companies in South East Asia.

Business Development and Supply Chain Management

Sylvana has over 12 years of experience in marine and offshore construction. She started her career in the detailed engineering and project engineering scope but moved on to take commercial roles in the Subcontract management and major procurement activities. In Orange Delta Sylvana is responsible for Business Development, Contracts and Supply Chain activities.

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