ORANGE DELTA is providing technical expertise as well as management skills in realising projects, from initiation, planning, executing, monitoring&controlling and closure.

  • Feasibility (case) studies
  • Scope of work definition an scope demarcation
  • Budget Estimating
  • Quality Management
  • Overall Project Planning
  • Managing Concept and Detail Design
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Fabrication and Installation
  • Commissioning and Testing
  • Delivery (completion documentation)

We support Governments with our expertise and insight. Governments can empower a true shift / transformation in the energy sector by evolving regulations and providing grants to stimulate innovation and startups.

For investors and project developers we provide technical support, for example for feasibility studies, site surveys, scope of work definition and scope demarcations, (sub) contractor assessments.

Last but not least, we seek partnerships with technology providers whom developed smart solutions, as well as start ups and service providers in this sector to collaborate and exchange knowledge with, in order to deliver our mission to integrate a suite of solutions that improve energy efficiency.

Past clients, partners, collaborations:


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