Orange Delta is providing services to the Renewable Energy Industry and became member of Sustainable Energy Association Singapore to support projects related to the energy transition.

There is a huge challenge to integrate renewable energy sources efficiently into on- or off-grid systems since they can be disruptive/unpredictable (i.e. solar, wind). Large power grids can hardly cope with this and for off-grid systems the additional problem is that the energy is there when they don’t need it. Batteries are considered to be a solution, but for many processes not needed – also, think about their relative short life time, and their environmental impact for fabrication and disposal.

We are able to provide technical input and manage projects from feasibility study until delivery (EPC). With a knowledgable team we master different fields of experience and can assess a project or site, analyse the energy demand and obtain an understanding of the processes for which the energy is used (electricity, heat, cold, water treatment, etc.). Next we can explore the availability of renewable energy sources (i.e. solar, wind, river/tidal, geothermal, etc).

As a result, market ready solutions are identified and assessed for their feasibility (technically and commercially) of integration. Alternative means for electricity consuming processes can be also be identified and implemented, or their load demand could be shifted, resulting in a drastic reduction of electricity generated from fossil fuels. Furthermore, applying alternative energy storage solutions (heat, cold, pressure, etc.) will contribute to a more sustainable (and more simple) method compared to batteries.

Decentralising the electricity generation and optimising energy consuming processes in combination with alternative storage methods will have extensive consequences for conventional power plants and infrastructure. Solar and Wind energy are known to be disruptive to a power grid in a negative way, but by decentralising the energy supply and balancing the demand, the electricity demand from fossil fuelled plants would be drastically reduced.

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