April 2018 – Present

Project management on behalf of DCN Diving for offshore diving operations (hyperbaric pipeline repairs) Tokyo Bay, Japan. LinkedIn

Setting up DCN planned maintenance system and support in training.

January – April 2018

Offshore construction asset operational/technical support for SRI EMAS for pipe Lay Vessel STAR CENTURION

November – December 2017

Site surveys and local subcontractor evaluation for deployment of tidal energy in Philippines for SME. Scope of work development, RFQ, Technical and Commercial feasibility and evaluation for fabrication and deployment in Asia.

May – December 2017

Offshore construction asset re-activation (STAR CENTURION) project for SRI EMAS. After lay-up of 2 years vessel activation included:

  • Scope of work specification
  • Procurement management for spares and consumables
  • Contracting of suppliers, services and shipyard
  • Recruitment of crew
  • Re-commissioning of marine systems and mission equipment
  • Dry docking
  • Class special survey
  • Full FMEA sea trials preparation and execution

Watch the video here: Vessel activation project

Vessel Specifications

May 2017

In 2017 Orange Delta was involved to support an initiative where the owner of a remote resort in West Papua plans to convert to 100% renewable energy. Orange Delta support consisted of:

  • Initial site visit
  • Survey of nearby logistics terminals and supply chain (potential local suppliers and service providers)
  • Survey of the resort lay out
  • Assessment of existing power generation plant and consumers load demand
  • Develop a load list
  • Identify areas for potential tidal energy generation
  • Underwater survey of seabed by diving (bottom survey for potential tidal energy)
  • ADCP tidal flow measurements, and result analysis

Ongoing efforts by others continue, and can be found via the website of Papua Diving.

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Started collaborating and networking for offshore renewable energy; more can be found on the site from the Singapore international water week. The publication for SIWW can be found here, and an article on tidal energy can be viewed here.